SEA Kayakers Program

Team SEA Kayaker Melinda and Ben

Melinda Buttles
Ben Bowen

WWTA’s Sound Education and Action (SEA) Kayaker Team reaches the public during summer weekends with direct, in-field outreach at public beaches, Cascadia Marine Trail campsites throughout Puget Sound, and wherever water-loving people gather. They educate people on low-impact skills and ethics both on water and onshore. The SEA Kayaker Team is a pair of trained Leave No Trace educators ready to share activities, skills, and ideas with individuals and groups they encounter along the water trail.

Ben and Melinda have worked as the WWTA SEA Kayaker Team in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Committed to providing fun, safe and rewarding experiences to members of the public, these educators inspire others to become involved in waterway and shore land stewardship.

In 2015, watch for Don and Michael (two of our board members) out on the trail, taking the lead with our SEA Kayaker program!