From Russia to the Canadian Arctic, Tasmania to Patagonia, Justine Curgenven shares highlights from 15 years of sea kayaking trips on 6 continents. The award-winning filmmaker tells tales of adventure, lessons learned, wildlife encounters, and the kindness of strangers, traveling without leaving footprints, and silently engaging with nature. Hear hair-raising stories and life-affirming moments like being terrified on her first solo trip in Iceland, being swept away from land by strong currents, and coping with extreme heat in Indonesia. She’s survived thrashings in New Zealand’s surf, a whale lifting her kayak in Baja, and a naked bear encounter in Alaska. Justine’s talk is peppered with great photos and her award-winning videos.

This program will also be a fundraiser for Washington Water Trails Association – an organization working for access for kayakers and other human-powered craft.

Tickets will be available at the door for a $25 donation (We ask for at least $15 if you cannot afford the full ticket price.)

Click Here for more information and to RSVP (important): https://www.mountaineers.org/about/locations-reservations/seattle-program-center/events/kayaking-the-world-with-justine-curgenven-1