Rob Casey Presentation on Surfing Puget Sound!

Rob Casey Talks about Surfing Puget Sound!
Date: Thursday, November 8, 2018

Rob surfing Golden Gardens Park in Seattle

Suggested Donation: $25:

Join us to hear Rob Casey give a presentation on surfing Puget Sound!

Where: The Good Shepherd Center, Room 202
When: 6:00pm, pizza and social hour.  Slide-show starts at 7pm.

Since 2003,  Ballard native Rob Casey has been finding epic surfing waves on Puget Sound, hours from the ocean. Rob will talk about how he and a friend first found large freighter and tug waves on Shilshole Bay. Rob will also introduce the other types of surf available on the Sound such as downwinding, wind generated beach breaks, surfing tidal rapids at Deception Pass, surfing recreational boat wakes and how to boogie board and surf kayak Golden Gardens. Learn which craft are best for each location or type of surf, where to go, how to learn and stay safe.   Read Rob’s story about Seattle Freighter Wave Surfing in the Inertia

Rob is the author or two paddle sports books by the Mountaineers, the 3rd edition revision of Kayaking Puget Sound and Stand Up Paddling Flat Water to Surf and Rivers. In 2010, he opened Salmon Bay Paddle to teach SUP and kayaking. Soon thereafter, he co-founded the Professional Stand Up Paddle Association. Rob is a frequent contributor to Canoe Kayak, the Inertia, Stand Up Journal, SUP Magazine and the former Sea Kayaking Magazine.  A former WWTA board member, Rob and his partner Christy help start the Hobuck Hoedown and have started a few paddling races at Alderbrook Resort and the Ballard Elks Club. A frequent sea kayaker and paddle boarder, Rob hopes to add surf ski to his quiver soon.

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