Giving Tuesday Now 2020

May 5th is #GiveTuesdayNow, and one of their campaigns is GiveBig. We have registered for both and appreciate your donations.


We at Washington Water Trails hope you are well and safe.

There is so much turmoil in our civilized world with this pandemic; loved ones are falling ill, we are isolated at home, restaurants we love are shuttered (Rays Boathouse sent out this link today which sums it up:, and our governments are struggling to cope.

One thing that is benefiting is what we all love, the outdoors. Whales have been seen swimming where they haven’t been seen in years. Pollution has been clearing all over the world to reveal mountain ranges. It is spring and wildflowers are blooming, showing us that life is going forward.

It is the time of year for the traditional GiveBig, and the “extra” #GivingTuesdayNow. I’m sure you may all be receiving “ask” emails from many nonprofits. 

Our office and building, the Good Shepherd Center, are owned and managed by Historic Seattle, who has also put out a call for help. They are a wonderful nonprofit who strives to maintain historical buildings, and give grants to do the same.

Although we are poised to survive, we join in the movement but want to be respectful of your needs. We have received donations the last few weeks, and are very grateful. We know that some of our members may have been laid off from jobs, ill, or taking care of friends and relatives that are ill.

Any donations we receive this year through GiveBig, or #GivingTuesdayNow (which has partnered with GiveBig) will be put towards the continuation of our mission, and the vision of our founders. We will continue to create access to the water through our water trails and our partnerships, maintain our trail sites through removing noxious weeds, and provide education that ties in with moving across the water in non-motorized craft.

To donate through GiveBig, please click-here:

We registered for  #GivingTuesdayNow: They direct fundraising to individual webpages, and we have created a blog post for this.

Again, we hope you are well and safe and looking forward to us all getting on the water soon. Some restrictions will be lifted in phases. Here is a link to the latest proclamations by Governor Inslee, who has always been one of our supporters. 



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