Located on the south of Hood Canal, the Hohobas shoreline preserve was acquired by the Great Peninsula Conservancy after the Boy Scouts of America sold most of Camp Hahobas.

With over half a mile of shoreline and forested bluffs, Hahobas Shoreline Preserve provides critical habitat for marine life. Its four streams bring fresh water to Hood Canal where surf smelt, a little forage fish eaten by salmon, lay their eggs on the pebble beach. Hood Canal summer chum, one of the only regional populations of threatened salmon to be close to reaching recovery goals, make their way along this shoreline to the ocean. Sea lions and orcas hunt in the depths of the water while otters and seabirds prowl the shoreline.

Water: There are four streams where water can be taken. Bring a filter/purifier.
Sanitation: This is a day-use site with no restrooms.
Latitude: 47.41916667
Longitude: -123.10027778

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