Jones Island State Park

Without question one of the more popular destinations of the San Juan Islands. Take a walk along the two miles of hiking trails and you may see deer, birds, or mink, or search for the foundation of a pioneer’s homesite on the south side of the island. The cove and dock on the north side of the island are a short walk away.

Approach: Gravel. Approach from south. Take out in the cove and walk up to campsite.
Location: Jones Island is a half a mile off the southwest corner of Orcas Island. Campsite is at the midpoint of west side of the island.
Sites: 2
Water: Available May 15-Sept 15 at N and S cove camp areas.
Sanitation: Composting toilet
Overflow: Campsites in northern or southern coves
Fires: Fire pit available
Extras: Picnic table
Fees: $12/night for up to 8 in site
Special Considerations: Racoons will take any accessible food.
Natural History: Jones Island was named by the Wilkes Expedition in 1841 in honor of Cpt. Jacob Jones, US Navy, who captured the British brig "Frolic" on October 18, 1812, as Master Commandant of the sloop-of-war "Wasp." The island has denser vegetation than the other islands, and island deer have become so tame that they regularly beg food from campers.
Max People:
Max Nights:
Reservations: No
Latitude: 48.616216
Longitude: -123.051966

4 thoughts on “Jones Island State Park

  1. Error: “Jones Island was named by the Wilkes Expedition in 1941 in honor of Cpt. Jacob Jones.”
    United States Exploring Expedition, also known as the Wilkes Expedition, was 1838–1842. It explored and named locations in the Oregon Territory, including what later became Washington Territory, then Washington State, in the Spring of 1841. Thus, Jones Island would have been named in 1841, not 1941.

  2. Boated in to Jones last week in a 26 foot power boat. Got room on the dock for 3 nights. Weather was hot but hiking the trails among the cool forest was beautiful! Took it slow to absorb the serenity of nature. West side had 2 shelters with bunk beds that one can reserve. Composting toilets are very well maintained and the rangers are great. . Wish I had known about the old pioneer homestead. Please don’t send any advertising emails.

    1. Thank you, Nita! As the Cascadia Marine Trail site, and other camping sites are on the west side, we confirmed that the shelters are on the south side. Glad you loved it, it’s one of our favorites too!

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