Work Party at the Wolfe Property 
Work Party at the Wolfe Property
Environmental stewardship is central to WWTA, embracing complementary programs focused towards engaging volunteers in active stewardship.
In the Site Steward program, volunteers monitor public access sites from the perspective of those who use the sites, reporting on the effects of user impacts and areas in need of restoration work. Site Stewards assess the need for work parties, while partnering with WWTA and land managers. In addition to serving as eyes and ears on the trail, Site Stewards are also in an exceptional outreach position as they encounter other paddlers, boaters,         and members of the public venturing to the water’s edge.
Stewards and Educators perform an integral role in instructing the public on Leave No Trace (LNT) principles, public water access issues, and in recruiting new volunteers to expand WWTA’s work.
Blind Island Work Party
Blind Island Work Party
Site Steward Program
The Cascadia Marine Trail (CMT) Site Steward Program is a long-standing volunteer effort to maintain a water trail that spans a couple thousand miles of shoreline. Site Stewards serve as the eyes and ears for WWTA on the growing Cascadia Marine Trail. Site Stewards monitor campsites with the perspective of the paddlers who use the sites and are trained to evaluate the function and features of the campsite.
Stewards visit Cascadia Marine Trail Sites at least two times a year and file reports electronically with WWTA. The reports update WWTA on the condition of facilities and trails, the presence of invasive plants, missing or damaged signage, any work the steward performed and user information.
Tom Steinburn, one of our founders.
Tom Steinburn, one of our founders.
The arrangement of work parties at sites are often a result of important information received from these reports. Stewards also serve as an information resource for WWTA, land management agencies, and the greater public and often help arrange and conduct site work parties.
Stewards may be called upon to advocate for the Cascadia Marine Trail by attending public meetings, submitting comments to government agencies, and serving as a liaison between WWTA and the public.
Site Steward Fillable Form:
This will help guide you in what to look for, however you can also file a quick report (recommended) at the bottom of each web page. We would also love it if you took wonderful pictures that we can use online or in our guidebook :)
WWTA volunteers at a Cascadia Marine Trail site work partyWWTA appreciates your stewardship of the Cascadia Marine Trail sites. Please complete the report form as thoroughly as possible. All information will be stored in a database to help WWTA better plan for the sustainability of the Cascadia Marine Trail. Contact the WWTA office if a site needs immediate attention or if you need to provide us with more detail than the online form will allow.
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Click Fillable Stewardship Report PDF to help you in the field. If you cannot open the file, please contact WWTA. Please complete the form, and email to WWTA at .
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