Fay Bainbridge Park

This park offers one of the best views of Seattle and a panoramic vista of the Cascade Mountains that includes two volcanoes: Baker and Rainier. It also makes a great base camp for exploration of the local waters. The park is very popular and busy during the summer months.

Thanks to Karen Borell for researching Fay Bainbridge Park’s history: Fay Bainbridge Park


Approach: Easy at low and high tide. Occasional floating logs at high tide are easily avoided. The beach is primarily sand with some gravel mix.
Location: Northeast side of Bainbridge Island.The Cascadia Marine Trail site is south of the picnic shelter on the east side near the volleyball court. Site is about 100 ft. from shore at high tide
Hazards: Subject to winds.
Sites: 1
Water: Available
Sanitation: Flush toilets and hot showers
Overflow: There are 3 hiker/biker campsites in the park in addition to the CMT site.
Fires: One beach fire ring
Extras: 2 picnic tables, children's playground
Fees: $25/person which include showers.
Special Considerations: Campsites are closed from Oct. 15 to Apr. 30, and may close additional nights due to freezing weather.
Natural History: At the park entrance is a display of a bell donated by the Kitsap County Historical Society. This bell was brought to the area from San Francisco in 1883 by Cpt. Jeremiah Farnham. The bell was to proclaim important community events to the citizens of Port Madison. The park was acquired in 1944 from Mr. and Mrs. Temple S. Fay.
Max People:
Max Nights:
Reservations: No
Latitude: 47.702683
Longitude: -122.506616

3 thoughts on “Fay Bainbridge Park

  1. From Susan:
    When it’s busy this site is like camping in a huge fishbowl. The playground was right behind my tent so a bit noisy until the kids were ushered back to their camps.
    The upside to this busyness was that people were genuinely interested in the CMT site and asked me all kinds of questions about it. I was able to plug WWTA several times!
    Showers closed due to Covid
    No shade at CMT site, not easy to pitch a tarp for rain or shade.

  2. I spent two nights here in March 2022. Kayak site is $7 per night. Showers were open and free with camping. There are 3 cabins available to rent for $95 per night. I spent one night in the cabin during my stay. They were new and clean but had no indoor plumbing. Primarily for sleeping and warmth. Cooking is done outside with clean restrooms nearby. I left my kayak down near where the locals keep their kayaks. I talked to one local and he said there has never been an issue with the boats being tampered with. Call the park for cabin availability and reservations but this is a nice option, especially if it’s wet. Public buses come by hourly on the main road at park entrance if you want to ride into town.

  3. The fee structure for Fay Bainbridge has been updated and sights are now $25 dollars per night (as opposed to $7 per person). Lovely site for springtime though, a bit exposed for daytime but if you are just staying overnight on a paddle a great spot!

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