Kinney Point

Marrowstone Island is surrounded by fascinating waters. Kilisut Harbor and Scow Bay are protected and there’s Ports Hadlock and Townsend nearby. Admiralty Inlet to the east can have lively currents and trafffic. Kinney Point, just inside Marrowstone, on Oak Bay is a true island getaway. Accessible only by boat, the 68 acre property feels secluded.

Approach: Arrive at high tide or face a long carry. The trail to the campsite starts next to the outlet of a seasonal stream.
Location: Kinney Point is the southern tip of Marrowstone Island.
Hazards: Shallow beach approach; use caution when faced with southerly winds
Sites: 2
Water: None
Sanitation: Vault toilet
Overflow: None
Fires: No fires allowed
Fees: $12/night for up to 8 in site
Special Considerations: The site is bordered by private property to the north; utilize existing trails on park property only. No campfires and no sleeping on the beach. Use the kayak rack as there is no beach at higher tides.
Natural History: Kinney Point is Puget Sound high bank with exposed bluffs to the south. Watch for bald eagles cruising over the shallow waters around the point and using the updrafts to full advantage.
Max People:
Max Nights:
Latitude: 48.009133
Longitude: -122.689966

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