Wolfe Property State Park

A secluded campsite at the western end of a tombolo (thin stretch of sand or land connecting two larger landmasses) with a large wetland (mud flat) and a steep headland at Hood Head.

Approach: There is a very large erratic boulder 0.4 miles northwest of the site. The campsite is near the western end of the sand spit. It is at the northwest corner of the mud flats between Hood Head and the mainland. Even with a high tide, it is not recommended to try and approach from the south unless you KNOW there will be enough water!
Location: This site is located at the mouth of Hood Canal, not far from the western end of the Hood Canal Bridge. It is immediately west of Hood Head.
Hazards: Yes: high winds from the north, northeast, and north-northeast could make the landing difficult due to surf. No beach at high, high tide.
Sites: 1 campsite, 4-5 tents
Water: No
Sanitation: Toilet on site.
Overflow: Yes
Fires: Fires in fire pit only
Extras: Kayak rack near water along trail to campsite; picnic table in center of campsite.
Fees: $12/night for up to 8 in site
Special Considerations: Please respect private property. State Park Sign, box of pay envelopes, and metal pay station (pipe style).
Natural History: Wolfe Property State Park is excellent for walking and picnicking along the high tide line. There is ample opportunity for bird watching here as well, especially in the winter. Clam, mussel, and oyster seasons OPEN for harvest January 1 through May 15 only. Check regulations before you go.
Max People: 8
Reservations: No
Latitude: 47.889567
Longitude: -122.637017

One thought on “Wolfe Property State Park

  1. I was kayaking in the Hood Head area on Monday, 9/13/21 and stopped off to check out the Wolfe Property CMT site. It appeared that some maintenance work (brush and weed removal) had recently been done at the site, but someone has removed the cross arms from the north end of the kayak storage rack, rendering it unusable. Whoever did the maintenance may have noted and reported it, but thought I would report it to you guys incase they did not.

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