Summer 2023 Membership Drive

WWTA Annual Summer Membership and Donation Drive

Raffle and Gear Sale

August 22nd  to September 8th, 2023.











EXPED, Eddyline, Werner Paddles, Kayak Academy, Paddler Supply, Perception, Susan Conrad,   Kri Kri and Nigel Foster have donated wonderful prizes to encourage you to donate, join, or renew your WWTA Membership!This year we are encouraging donations of any amount, as well as to join or renew your membership. 

*Note: The five highest donations will be picked in order and will be able to choose which item they want. 

We have heavy items this year such as kayaks and a few paddles – we cannot ship these, they will need to be picked up.

You will help support our mission of advocacy, education, and stewardship for access to the water. 

Our sponsors:

Exped has donated the following:
1 – Torrent 30| 45
TAKEN: 1 – Torrent 20
Taken:  Ultra 3R Sleeping mat

Ultra 3R Sleeping mat – Wide






TAKEN: Eddyline

Sky 10 Recreational Kayak, meant for ponds and lakes. The suggested retail price is $1399.00

*This needs to be picked up; we will not ship





Kayak Academy – 1 Stohlquist knife and a “Drysuit Carekit”: Includes Gear Aid Zipper Wax, Pro Cleaner, 303 Protectant with care and maintenance instructions. 




Paddler Supply – 2 Paddler Supply Decklights







Susan Conrad  – Inside the Sea of Dreams. 

Find out more about the book here:


Kri Kri 
Handmade Nesting Bowls in Ocean Blues
4 small ceramic nesting bowls in ocean blues from kRI kRI Studio. Both functional and decorative. This set was inspired by the colors of tropical water.
Bowl diameters are 6″, 4″, 3.5″ and 2″. They are approximately 1.5″ deep.
Use for entertaining. Serve party snacks, toppings and condiments. Fun for hors d’oeuvres at happy hour.
List Price: $68

Nigel Foster’s New Book
Iceland By Kayak

In 1977 Nigel Foster and Geoff Hunter became the first to kayak around Iceland. 

Now as Iceland’s tourism explodes, Foster steps back to a time before modern conveniences such as dry suits, cellphones, or the World Wide Web, exploring a country of just 222,000 people.

Iceland by Kayak offers a refreshing insight into 1970s style kayaking adventure. It is a story of learning, accepting, believing, taking life one day at a time, with no certainty of outcome. It is travel enriched by precious encounters with characterful Icelanders.

List price: $34 95 


The North Sound Sea Kayaking Club has generously donated gear from one of their members who recently passed away, through his wife. We are saddened by the new and also  grateful for the donations. 

These items are up for sale. First-Come, First-Serve. What does not sell by September 1, 2023 will be added to the raffle which finishes September 8, 2023.

These will all need to be picked-up; we will not ship. The club associated a value with each of these.

1. Perception Mango Triumph 13.5 Sit-on-Top. $500
2. Werner Tybee Paddle, 200 cm. $200
3. Werner Corryvrecken 2-piece straight shaft paddle, 220 cm. $200
4. Werner Corryvrecken 2-piece carbon straight shaft paddle, 220 cm. $300
TAKEN: 5. Kokatat Goretex Dry Suit XL. $500
6. Kokatat Neozip Long John XXL. $70
7. Harmony Gripper Ultralight spray skirt. $70
8. Gath helmet XL, red $100
9. 6-liter MSR dromedary bags (2), New. $40 each
10. Pair of float bags. New. $40 each
11. Yakima JayHook carrier, like new. $100
12. Assorted dry bags. New. $20

*New – a full set of Sea Kayaker magazines!

One of our latest Guidebooks 
These guidebooks go to all new members automatically. Existing members are asked to pay $30 for a current guidebook. We have decided to do more minor updates more frequently. We will send this prize out to a renewal.

To buy the latest guidebook, go to our donation page and scroll to the bottom.

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